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If you have an opinion about something (and who doesn’t), Clupedia allows you to express your opinion from anywhere and watch it spread everywhere. For instance, you may write a review at any of the popular reviews sites, or you may write an editorial column in your magazine, or you may write an article in your blog, in all those cases, people have to go where your opinion resides. So you might be vocal, but are you being heard?!! Clupedia expands the walls of your web site, your magazine, or your blog to the whole World Wide Web by bringing your opinion to the people wherever they are at. In short, why limit yourself by hoping that they will come to you. With Clupedia you can go to them with just one click. That’s compelling!!!

On the other hand, if you want to get the inside scoop about something (because what you don’t know might hurt you), Clupedia Toolbar sits eagerly in your browser ready to serve you with just one click from wherever you might be – no need to go anywhere or search for anything. Clupedia is where word of mouth travels and buzz hums so that you no longer need to hear it through the grapevine. It will forever change your surfing habits, leaving you wondering how you ever surfed the web without it.

What are clues?

- Clues are opinions of people expressed as wikis.

- Clues can be about an entire web page or about any word(s) in a web page. By using a highlighter located in the Clupedia toolbar in your browser, you can highlight any word(s) in a web page to be clued. Thus, clues can be about anything and everything – from products to politics and everything in between.

- Clues can be ratings, reviews, pros, cons, recommendations to consumers, and suggestions to manufacturers.

- Clues can be expressed in rich text, audio, or video.

- Clues can be created in Clupedia or aggregated from other websites.

- Clues can be created and retrieved from a browser toolbar, from our website, or from a mobile device.

- Clues propagate instantly throughout the entire web. Hence, when you create a clue about an item from a particular web page, your clue can be viewed by any other user from any other web page that includes that item. This unique feature makes Clupedia the ultimate tool that diffuses your ideas, and spreads your opinions like brushfire from anywhere to everywhere. Thus, if you are a vocal person who wishes to be heard, it is no longer about just rating, reviewing, or even blogging, but about influencing.

- Clues are aggregated from everywhere at a point of interest. For example, if you are at a web page, if you place your cursor over a marker of a clued item, you will get the list of all clues created by all users from everywhere. Thus, there is no need for you to go anywhere or search for anything – clues come to you where you’re at, when you want them.

- Clues can be public, semi-public, private, or semi-private.

- Clues can be graded, commented on, voted on, referred and shared with others, and posted onto blogs. Hence, Clupedia includes a meritocracy system that allows the online community to police itself.

- Clues can be sorted, grouped, and filtered.

In essence, Clupedia is building the meta web – a web about the web built by the people for the people. The meta web makes the current web much more informative, collaborative, connected, and convenient. The meta web is based on an open universal platform that offers web services which allow users to develop their own functions that can be integrated in the platform to be used by other users. This open platform supports the Wikinomics model in which the content is co-produced through crowd-sourcing, and the software is co-developed through peer-sourcing.

By generating clues, you will:

- Help others by sharing your opinion
- Contribute to the wisdom of crowds
- Earn recognition and notoriety
- Establish your online merit
- Become famous
- Win prizes
- Earn some cash

By retrieving clues, you will:

- Never, ever, be caught clueless
- Be “in the know”, which is always cool
- Get a second, third, or nth opinion from the crowd
- Cut through all that clutter
- Boost your surfing habits
- Find influencers
- Discover some interesting trends

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