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Shizerbar is a addon mainly focused on Facebook. Its used to add Smilies to the Chat Window and Comments Box. It uses 2 techniques to accomplish this. One is using the custom chat emoticon trick where you paste in a code like [[423354645]] into the chat window. My version only has the ones that i have added to my page and the codes for them. Im looking to expand this addon as time permits. The other method is using emoji which are font characters. It simply pastes the font character to a chat or comment box then facebook converts it into a image/smilie. Which means its possible to use the emoji section of the addon on webpages. On my site is a font called Symbola which has all the characters which i recommend to install in order to see whats being copied to the chat or comment window without it showing a squared font. But its not required to use since facebook converts these into images once you post your message or comment. Credit to Keepun whos original sidebar can be found here whos work my addon is based on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/smileysidebar/

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