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del.icio.us Lite


I started this extension as a personal tool. I was frustrated with
the amount of integration the more sophosticated extensions. They are good, if you want to you want to give up
all of firefox's bookmarking functionality. Plus the docked windows usually take valuabe screen area. I would rather open my del.icio.us
page in one tab and have all the screen in the rest of the tabs.

I generated the skeleton of the extension using the extension
wizard at at
http://ted.mielczarek.org/code/mozilla/extensionwiz/ .

This addon adds a context menu "Add to Del.icio.us"; and a similar menu
item to the bookmarks top level menu of firefox. Clicking it submits the
current page (in the current tab) to del.icio.us. If you don't have a
del.icio.us account (or cookies disabled), you will be asked for login
creditentials. So without using the del.icio.us api (which is subject
to change), all the good features like tag recommendations work
without any effort.

Download files:


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