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Use this Firefox extension to inject the Bootlint tool into a web page and automatically scan it for common Bootstrap related errors.
Adds a single click Bootlint button which will execute the bootlint.js script against the current page.

If errors are found then bootlint.js will generate a JavaScript alert and the errors will be displayed in the JavaScript console window.

To view the errors you will need to have Web Console open/Firebug enabled.

Note: This extension is not affiliated with the official Bootlint or Bootstrap projects.

What Is Bootlint?
Bootlint is a tool that was released by the Bootstrap team in order to catch errors in sites built with their Bootstrap framework. The official announcement blog posts describes it as:

"An HTML linting tool for projects using vanilla Bootstrap. Using Bootlint you can automatically check your Bootstrapped webpages for many common Bootstrap usage mistakes."

For more information please visit:
The official GitHub repository

Download files:


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