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Facebook Privacy Relabeller


Corrects the names of privacy settings on Facebook.

This extension relabells the privacy options when you post on Facebook, to explicitly remind you that ASIO are watching. ( ASIO are the Australian equivilent of the NSA/CIA.)
e.g. under "Who should see this?", "Friends" becomes "Friends and ASIO", "Only Me" becomes "Only Me and ASIO" etc.

Never forget who's watching with this extension!

You may have to restart Firefox for the extension to start working.

Metadata retention hasn't yet become law in Australia, but it soon will be, unless we #StopDataRetention.

The recent terror laws that did pass into law gave ASIO the power to spy on the entire Internet with just 1 warrant. They also now have the power to read and even modify files on the computers of innocent non-suspects. If a sinister official abuses this power (e.g. planting child porn in an ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend's computer), there's nothing you can do about it. They have legal immunity, and if you even post on social media or write to a newspaper about the matter, you'll be jailed for 10 years. Does that make you feel safe?

I've written this extension as part of the #StopDataRetention campaign.
Find out more by reading
- My article: http://tharunka.arc.unsw.edu.au/kill-people-based-metadata/
- Scott Ludlam's article: http://junkee.com/its-time-to-stop-the-governments-data-retention-laws/42651

I can't take credit for the idea itself, I just wrote the code. I saw a photoshopped image of the idea a few weeks ago, but honestly can't remember where. Please tell me if you know where the idea came from.

If you spot a bug, email/message me.
If you want to make sure this extension isn't malicious, look at the source code. (There should be a link to it somewhere on the installation page.)

Written by Matthew Davis

Download files:


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