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Discard.email - Your disposable e-mail address


This add-on allows a quick access to the mailboxes of disposable e-mail addresses of Discard.email (http://discard.email)

What is Discard.email?

Discard.email is a free online service for disposable e-mail addresses.
Use the disposable e-mail addresses of Discard.email there, where you don't want to use your own private e-mail address.

So you can protect yourself from spam and unwanted newsletter!

Discard.email is anonymous and free!

All features of Discard.email at a glance:

- Use on Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones
- Receiving Text & HTML e-mails with file attachments
- Writing, forwarding and replying of e-mails
- Print & Save (EML-Files) e-mails
- E-mails are stored 30 days
- Different domains available
- Some domains allow a password protection
- Use your own domain - privat & anonymous
- Inbox as RSS and ATOM feed possible
- Direct inbox access by bookmark possible
- Manage your own spam list
- Fast e-mail reception & powerful server hardware

Download files:


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