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Restart manager


General features for all versions of Firefox:

Special features by version of Firefox:
A. Please do not use the review system for reporting any problems you may encounter.
Obviously i don't visit this page every day, so most likely i will not be informed, at least soon.
For reporting any problems or even suggestions too, you can contact me directly via the support email
at the right of this page.
B. If you use Firefox just for normal web browsing, please do not enable the option
"Invalidate Caches On Restart" !
No, there is not a hidden bomb behind..
Just this option is intended for special use by developers and makes Firefox to be restarted slower.
C. The extension uses internal strings of Firefox, in my effort to make it to be automatically localized
in all languages.
Due to this localization method, i can't be sure there are no problems in all languages.
Please let me know about this.
There are some strings, appearing in options window, which are not included in Firefox and so they
are not localized automatically.
If you wish to see them in your language, you can translate them easily by visiting
After you create an account there, you can find the thread of this extension here.

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