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Change Profile's Window Icons


Unfortunately, this add-on will not function in standard release versions of Firefox after version 43.* due to the new mandatory requirement for add-on signing by Mozilla. In order for it to work on Firefox version 43.* you will need to change the preference xpinstall.signatures.required to false in about:config. Note that this is a global preference which will permit unsigned extensions to be used with that profile. The only way to use different window icons per profile is for them to be placed within the extension directory. Making any changes to files under that directory invalidates any signing that has been done. I will be attempting to find a method that can be used to accomplish what this add-on does while permitting use in Firefox versions beyond 43.*, but I have yet to find one.

Due to add-on signing you may find that you need to re-apply the changes which you have made to icons. You can do this by going to Change Profile's Window Icons' option page and clicking on either the "Accept changes and Restart Firefox" button, or the "OK" button and restart Firefox at a later time.

The icon used for Firefox windows can be selected using the add-on options dialog (Tools->Add-ons then click on Extensions then the Options button for this add-on). Any number of different icons can be assigned. You can select any icon file you have available. Four public domain icons are included with the add-on to provide some to get started.

Each icon selected can be assigned to any, or all, of:

Once you have selected a new icon, any new windows of that type you open will use that icon. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the icon of windows which are already open. A restart will be needed if you want all icons to display with the newly selected one. Effectively this means that when installing for the first time you should expect to restart twice. The first time to install this add-on, then a second time after using the options dialog to set the window icons to what you desire.

For user specified windows: Windows are specified by the ID of the window. You may need to use the DOM Inspector to find the ID of the window. The text entered is a semicolon (";") separated list of window IDs. Spaces are not trimmed from the start and end of the IDs, so it should be "first;second" not "first; second".

The only code that is run is for the options dialog. There is no performance impact for using non-default window icons.

If your Firefox installation uses global non-default icons for all profiles, this extension may not work for you. One method of implementing global non-default icons is to store them in <install directory>/browser/chrome/icons/default (Linux) or <install directory>\browser\chrome\icons\default (Windows). That directory is searched first and no other directory is searched if an icon is found for a particular window ID. Thus, it is not possible for an extension to override such global non-default icons if that method is used. You would need to remove those global non-default icons from that directory in order for this extension to assign icons. The other method which may have been used to globally change the window icons would be to change the icon contained in the executable itself either by re-compiling Firefox or editing its resources. If this method was used, then this extension should work for you.

Firefox currently does not permit this functionality to work if this add-on is restartless. Thus, you will need to restart after installing this add-on.

As the developer of Change Profile's Window Icons, I would like it to work for you. I routinely use this add-on with Firefox versions 40.0.3 and 41.0b7 (Beta) and have tested on versions down to 26.0. Obviously, it is impossible for me to test it with the huge number of possible combinations of add-ons. If you find an issue with using this add-on, please post in the support thread on the Mozilla Discourse Forum so I can help you (the link is also available as the "Support site" to the right of this "About this Add-on" section).

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