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Advanced Locationbar


Moving the mouse over the icon near "back" button or pressing Ctrl/Alt/Shift allows to click the linkified segments of URL. Based on the Locationbar² by Dão Gottwald and Locationbar³ by Simon Lindholm. Don't forget to remove these add-ons, nothing will work otherwise!

What's changed?
— Added support of IDN (Locationbar² breaks domains like государство.президент.рф).
— Linkifies domain and subdomain separately (e.g. you can go directly from blog.mozilla.org to mozilla.org).
— You don't have to be very careful when moving mouse from icon to needed segment.
— Linkification by pressing Ctrl/Alt/Shift or by mouse move from icon can be disabled.
— Added new “Copy unescaped URL” option.
— F6 always switches focus between current tab and location bar. Use Ctrl+F6 to switch between frames.
— Options integrated into extensions manager.
— Firefox 50+, with Electrolysis support.

Warning! This extension will stop work in Firefox 57+ since this version of the browser supports WebExtensions API only. It is not possible to implement this extension using WebExtensions API.

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