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Open Serial Tabs


This addon is superseded by Open Auto Bookmarks for added capabilities and support!

There will be no further development on this addon.
Users are encouraged to remove "Open Serial Tabs" (if already installed) and install Open Auto Bookmarks, instead.

Please forgive any inconvenience.

This extension creates a new Bookmarks sub-Folder PopupMenu Item as follows:

Open Serial Tabs

When Clicked, each Bookmark listed in the sub-Folder is loaded into a new Serial Tab.

You can then efficiently browse the new Serial tabs (left-to-right), as follows:

The first time a Serial Tab is Left-Clicked (making it the new Active tab), the next tab (to the right) is automatically loaded. That is, Firefox obtains and formats that tab's contents, but leaves it in the background (does not show it).

Similarly, when a Serial Tab is Middle-Clicked (deleting it), the next tab (to the right) becomes the new Active Tab (as usual), and the new next tab is loaded in the background.

Thus, browsing the Serial Tabs, left-to-right, prepares the next tab for instant viewing.

Additionally, if the New Active setting is checked, the first Bookmark listed becomes the Active Tab immediately.

When "Open Serial Tabs" is Ctrl-Clicked, the tabs are loaded with the New Active setting toggled (reversed).

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