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TabIMSwitch is an FireFox extension which enables Firefox to save the Input Method of each Tab and change it accordingly when switching tabs. It also enables disabling Input Method for address bar.

For most east-Asian user such as Chinese/Korean/Japanese, people always have to use Input Methods for typing characters. But FireFox 2.0 has poor support for intelligent Input Method switching. For example, people may open several tabs, one for writing blog in Chinese, one for writing wiki in English, and the other for chatting (via Google Talk online) with Japanese friends in Japanese. When switching between these tabs, people may expect the Input method can switch intelligently. But neither FireFox 2.0 nor Firefox 3.0 supports that.

To enable this feature for FireFox, this extension is developed. The feature of the extension includes:

* Save the input method status of each tab and switch the input method according to current tab.
* Switch to English input method when focus on address bar.
* Switch the input method status when changing between different windows.
* Save the detailed input method properties, such as Chinese half shape/full shape properties and Japanese Katakana/Hiragana mode. (Added in 1.1.*)

Version 1.* supports Windows 2000/XP/2003 with FireFox 2.0.0.* and all 3.0 Beta versions . We expect porting it to Linux SCIM platform and other versions of FireFox.

Any questions, please visit http://tabimswitch.googlecode.com

Download files:


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