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SeLite Run All Favorites


It's an extension of Selenium IDE and Favorites (Selenium IDE). See http://selite.github.io/ and http://selite.github.io/Components.

Team support
It keeps a list of favorite test suite locations relative to user's home folder (for test suites that are under user's home folder). That makes it easy to share favorites in teams.

It adds 'Export - save', 'Export - display' and 'Import' to 'Favorites' menu. When exporting, it adds indentation to the result JSON, which is therefore easier to manage in SVN or GIT.

Compatibility with Favorites (Selenium IDE)
It's only forward compatible when migrating favorites saved by Favorites (Selenium IDE). It's not fully backwards compatible if migrating from SeLite Run All Favorites to Favorties (Selenium IDE). It will transform any existing and new entries for test suites in your 'Favorites' menu that are under your home folder to use filepath relative to your home folder. If later you disable/uninstall SeLite Run All Favorites, but you want to use Selenium IDE and Favorites (Selenium IDE), you need to adjust the the saved favorites. Visit Firefox URL about:config. Enter preference name 'extensions.selenium-ide.plugin.favorites.favorites'. Edit its value and prefix each path with the full path to your home folder.

- it only adds 'Run all' three seconds after the start of Selenium IDE. That's because it depends on Favorites (Selenium IDE), which doesn't use SeLite ExtensionSequencer.
- progress indicator (the graphic bar) reflects the number of test cases in the currently run test suite, and not across all favorite test suites
- if you click 'Pause / Resume' button near an end of a test suite, the test suite may finish rather than get paused. Then you can't use that button to resume running the rest of favorite test suites.

'Fixing' the last two limitations would involve complex code, which would increase dependency on implementation of Selenium IDE. Hence it is out of scope.

Don't report any issues here (through Mozilla). Use http://selite.github.io/TroubleShooting.

Get more value
You may benefit from other components of SeLite family. It
- improves Selenium IDE,
- enables reuse,
- supports reporting and interaction,
- facilitates team work.

Please, give moral support. Vote for third party issues. Only then SeLite can progress faster.

See http://selite.github.io/#get-more-value.

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