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Dust-Me Selectors


Dust-Me Selectors has three main functions:

== Scan any HTML page ==

Get details of all the stylesheets and selectors that were found, organised into used and unused selectors. This will tell you what CSS is used on that single page.

== Spider an XML or HTML sitemap ==

Load and scan every page that's linked from the sitemap, checking every stylesheet against the DOM of every page that includes it. This will give you an accurate picture of site-wide selector use.

== Scan pages automatically ==

Pages can be scanned automatically as you browse, with mutation events that can trigger additional scans when the content changes. This will pick-up dynamic content that the spider can't detect.

== Key features include ==

☆ Supports all types of stylesheet include and all selectors up to CSS3.
☆ Supports stylesheets inside IE conditional-comments.
☆ Identifies dynamic pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements and common CSS hacks.
☆ Super-fast processing can scan up to five pages per second.
☆ Create a copy of any stylesheet with its unused selectors removed.
☆ Export the extension's data in JSON or CSV format.
☆ Accesskeys and keyboard shortcuts for all functions.
☆ Intuitive and highly-configurable interface.

KNOWN ISSUES: February 2015

I'm aware of two current issues with the extension:

- The "View stored data" window may not appear. It is there, but doesn't have visible dimensions. You may be able to make it appear by maximizing it with external window controls (such as right-click on the taskbar in some versions of Windows).

- The CSS cleaning function may add multiple instances of "undefined" into the output.

I'm working on an update that will fix these issues, to be released as soon as possible.

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