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ScrapBook X File Converter


This addon supports converting other file formats into ScrapBook data format so that you can import them into ScrapBook later on with ease.

Installation and Usage
- Install this addon.
- Install a compatible ScrapBook addon. Generally we support the latest version of ScrapBook X, or ScrapBook Plus or ScrapBook, on the Firefox version which is compatible with both this addon and the ScrapBook addon used. For more information about the compatibility detail, see the history list in the source code (or here).
- Enter the dialog via 'Tools' > 'Addon-on Functions' dropdown list in the ScrapBook sidebar,
specify the input folder (and whether to look into the subfolders), the output folder, run the conversion, and you are done.

Currently .enex, .maff, and HTML (.htm, .html, .xhtml, .xht, ..., with their support folders) are supported. Most metadata are translated during the conversion.

However, there are currently some limitations, such as:
* Although Evernote crypted data are preserved, they cannot be easily uncrypted after conversion.
* Evernote inner links cannot be translated since .enex files do not contain id information.
* MAF files with more complex format are not supported, such as not using index.html as the entry point.

Download files:


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