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Multi Open Plus



open several URLs at on time, for prople who like me, like to check Gmails, twitters, instagrams and many ohter websites everytime open the browser .. support multiple lists.


there are three lists , you can add any urls in each of them.

and, one click, open them all !

you have to add urls like the default settings, don't delete lines with '#'


why this?
you might know there's another similar add-ons: https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/addon/multi-open/

I'm a fan of simplicity, but a geek friend of mine said it'll be great to make it supports multiple lines (lists, or groups), so people can make their urls groups and choose witch to open.

The original add-on only support one list but supports left + middle + right click, which I think is simplicity and efficiency, this version doesn't support middle and right clicks.

I'm sure there are ones like me only need one list and others can use multiple lists~ so here we are, two verions.

Download files:


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