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Multi Open


open several URLs at on time, for prople who like me, like to check Gmails, twitters, instagrams and many ohter websites everytime open the browser ..


  • left click: open user defined URLs
  • middle click : close all tabs from current window , and open "new tab"
  • right click : Seetings
  • delay between open tabs, for slow network or slow computer you might want this, open all urls at one time could cause high CPU/network usage

  • Translations
  • translations of other languages are welcomed
  • all you need to do is translate these strings : https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/files/browse/273060/file/locale/en-US/lang.dtd#top
  • you can either send me the motified file or just leave a comment here.
  • And, you can help to translate this page too !

  • Thanks.

    And, I written another add-on, on key to close all tabs :
    you might find it useful too~~

    Download files:


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