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ASKResults addon is helpful for viewing the results directly without visiting VTU website. It gives all the information provided in VTU website like Sem results, Reval results, Backlog results and Result announcements for each sem. It is very easy to use and works faster. Advanced Search is added to check whole class results by giving the range and also saving option is provided for both individual and advance searched result.

ASKResults 1.5.1
*1.5.1* *FIXED* Unnecessary opening of website.
*1.5.1* *CHANGES* Added 3 more columns to Long_List_VTUResult_ASKResults file like Total, Avg and Result.
*NEW* Under Advanced Search, shows information about Region code, College code and Subject code, when you hover the mouse pointer.
*NEW* Now result will be saved in ASKResults folder in Downloads folder.
*NEW* Inside ASKResults folder Long_List_VTUResult_ASKResults file will be created.
*NEW* Many left out college and subject codes added like SX, LV, PH, MTH ....etc.
*FIXED* Result announcement in Normal Search.
*FIXED* Many more bugs.

User Guide
ASKResults add-on provides 3 types of search modes under menu option "Search Mode".
1. "Normal" search.
2. "Advanced" search.
3. "File Import" search.

1. "Normal" search mode contains three fields. They are Revaluation Result option, Individual result search option and VTU result announcements. If revaluation results are announed, mark "Revaluation Result" option. Individual result can be saved by using "Save Result" button.

2. "Advanced" search mode provides flexible result search option. First select "Region", which will allow to select college code. After which the following parameters will be shown: Year, Branch, Semester and USN range option. Enter year(like 11, 12,13...); Select branch code(like EC, CS, ME...); Select semester(like 1, 2, 3...8) and put the USN range(like 1 to 100, no need to worry about number of digits). Then click on "Load Result" button to display total passed, failed, overall percentage, FCD's, FC's, SC's and total found results. Below that subject wise number of passed, failed, absentees and percentage will be displayed. Last table displays overall result containing columns Serial number(Sln0), USN, Student Name, Percentage and Result status. At the bottom of the window you can find the option to save result ("Save Result"). This search mode is helpful to check different college results and percentages.

3. "File Import" search mode is helpful for those who have student USN lists. Here you can import the following file formats only: .txt, .csv and .xls only. File formats such as .doc, .docx and .xlsx are not supported at present. Use "Browse File" button to choose the file from you computer and the location of the file will be displayed in the empty field, then click on "Load Result" button. It will diplay result as in "Advanced" search mode; use "Save Result" button to save the results as a .csv file. This mode of search is very helpful to find class wise results and percentages. This mode also helpful for NBA work. At the bottom of the saved file NBA Ready table which displays number of FCD, FC, SC, PASS and also Performance Index for each subject.
These are the following metrices and formulaes used for calculation.
* Greater than or equal to 88 -> FCD
* Greater than or equal to 75 and less than 88 -> FC
* Greater than or equal to 63 and less than 75 -> SC
* Greater than or equal to 50 and less than 63 -> PASS

Performance Index = (4*FCD + 3*FC + 2*SC + PASS)/(4 * Total Attended)

For complete user guide watch video of ASKResults here

ASKResult add-on does not store the results data on any third party servers. The result data is fetched directly from the VTU website(http://results.vtu.ac.in/) into the add-on. Results are available only when the VTU website is up.

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