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Handy and quick access to your bookmarks using your keyboard.

Why is it fast?
★ Controlled over keyboard: plugin and service are optimized for keyboard input
★ Smart key filtering - you can save your time by providing only part of a key (e.g. you can find job.java.spock-framework bookmark by typing ja.spock - we got this idea from Jetbrains)

To add bookmark:
1. Open page you are going to add
2. Open command line by clicking [ctrl]+[shift]+[~] / [⌘]+[shift]+[~]
3. Type +[bookmark key]
4. Hit [enter]

To open bookmark:
1. Open command line by clicking [ctrl]+[shift]+[~] / [⌘]+[shift]+[~]
2. Type [bookmark key] (you can even type part of a key to open bookmark faster)
3. (optional) Select bookmark from suggestions
4. Hit [enter]

Why hashMem.com?
✔ Provide very simple and fast way to access your information
✔ Optimized to store bookmarks and short notes
✔ Optimized for keyboard control
✔ Free hashMem.com synchronization - you can access your bookmarks / notes from any device
✔ Very light - only creation and opening
✔ (for developers) plugin for Jetbrain IDEs (Intellij IDEA, WebStorm, PhpStorm, etc)

More info about service - https://hashmem.com/docs/faq
More info about plugin - https://hashmem.com/docs/plugin/firefox

Bookmarks and notes over keyboard.
5 seconds to add. 5 seconds to open.

Download files:


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