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What's HandyTab

HandyTab is a Firefox addon to let its user to easily mark web links for later reading, the marked links could be accessed from a special tab page, where they are listed in table format. This addon support Firefox and Fennec(mobile version of Firefox).

Typical Use Case

* First you mark a link on the current web page
* Then you continue to navigate the web, and mark more links during this period
* Finally, you decide to read the marked links, so you open the HandyTab page, and the marked links are listed there
* After reading some marked links, you want to make some clean up, so you click the 'Remove Readed' button on the top of the HandyTab page, all the readed items are removed
* Althrough some marked links have not be readed yet, you decide to read them later and quit the browser application.
* Once you got time, you decide to read the remained marked links, you start the browser application and open the HandyTab page, the unread marked links are still there


* Mark link / image or web page for later access
* Marked links could be save/load automatically
* Extra info relate to the marked links are available - Time when marked, refer link (the web page that the link reside)
* Marks clean up, you could remove readed / selected or all marked links by simply click the corresponding button

Usage Guide

* Mark mode toggling - If mark mode is enabled, link click is catched and interpreted as link marking instead of the normal link navigation behavior, the mark mode is disabled by default, to toggle the mode on/off, you could:
   o Click the HandyTab status bar icon (Firefox only)
   o Or holding 'x' key and click on the blank space of a web page

* Link marking - to mark a link for later reading, you could:
   o Right click on the link and use the context menu item 'Mark this link in HandyTab' (Firefox only)
   o Or If currently the mark mode is enabled, just click the link to be marked
   o Else holding 'z' key and click on the link to be marked (doing this when the mark mode is enabled will perform the normal link navigation behavior instead of link marking)

* Page marking - to mark the current displayed web page, you could:
   o Use menu, Tools -> Mark current page in HandyTab
   o Or use the 'Mark Page' toolbar button (on Fennec, it's under the 'Bookmark' button on the right side tools panel, on Firefox, it's not displayed by default, use the toolbar customizaion to add it to the main toolbar)
   o Or right click somewhere on the web page (not a link or image) and use the context menu item 'Mark this page in HandyTab' (Firefox only)

* Show the 'Handy Tab' page - to show the HandyTab page to access the marked links, you could:
   o Use menu, Tools -> Show Handy Tab (Firefox only)
   o Or use the 'Show HandyTab' toolbar button (on Fennec, it's next the 'New Tab' button on the left side tools panel)

* Change configuration, click the 'options' button of HandyTab on the addon dialog to show the options dialog

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