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Vocabmonk is a gamified and personalized vocabulary enhancement app, with a social touch to foster competitive learning driven by powerful and researched artificial intelligence algorithms.

Can I use vocabmonk?
Yes, you can. Vocabmonk has at-least one course module for everyone. Ranging from Schools to Test prep (GRE, GMAT, CAT, SAT.. etc) and Business Vocabulary.
Vocabmonk is fun, even if you do not have a reason to improve your vocabulary. Beating a friend in a quiz is anyways a fun.

Product features:
1. Challenges with your social circle.
2. Apply the words you learn in sentences with bridles.
3. Completely customize the quiz to learn exactly what you want.
4. Earn points, reach new levels and gain reputation and unlock more features.
5. See you detailed analytical reports of your progress.
6. Get personalized recommendations to grow your vocabulary with it.

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