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HTTcryPt provides the user the ability to communicate with other people in secret by encrypting a web page at a time through two encryption algorithms: AES or Blowfish.
HTTcryPt also allows you to encrypt only the contents of the HTML tags <div> if within those tags was put the class attribute with value "cryptYes".
The use of HTTcryPt is very simple, in fact, simply load an HTML page in Firefox and open "HTTcryPt", which then encrypt the page. When the encrypted page is loaded in Firefox, "HTTcryPt" will automatically allow you to enter the password required to decrypt the page.

1) The ciphertext can be armored using some encodings that the user can choose:
- Code Group, a logical grouping of code;
- Base64, a numbering system to 64 symbols;
- Hexadecimal, a numbering system to 16 symbols.
2) The user can choose between two types of encryption key: text or hexadecimal.
3) The key can be generated by the add-on (textual or hexadecimal, depending on the choice made).
4) The add-on can be opened by pressing the F9 key (shortcut).
5) If the add-on has not been installed, opening an encrypted web page will be shown a pop-up showing the link
from which to download the add-on.

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