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Vote Detective


Vote Detective gives you the ability to see the upvote and downvote totals of almost all submissions on reddit.

You're shown the percentage of people who liked a submission, plus a green/red bar which turns more red depending on how that submission's "percentage liked" statistic compared to everything else that was popular that day. This gives a valuable hint as to whether a lot of people hated something - if the bar is mostly red, then you can be sure that it is a low quality image, a repost, a lie, or something that simply isn't worth your time. Likewise, if the bar is mostly green, then you know it was something that almost everyone loved, and that it is definitely worth looking at.

You can also see a graph for almost any comment, revealing how its points changed over time. This gives you a quick idea of how many people liked it, how fast it was upvoted or downvoted, how controversial it was, etc.

Uncover the truth about votes on reddit with the Vote Detective extension. Give it a try!

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