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Emuflex (Emulator for flexible display devices)


Video demonstration here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAH6E6Svrfg

Emuflex is an emulator for flexible mobile devices which allows web users to see the effects of such devices have on the web pages they are browsing, without needing the real devices.

Emuflex extends the Responsive Design View tool (which comes with Firefox) such that the user is able to request web pages as a mobile browser and run the emulator in four modes:
  1. Normal mode. When operating in this mode, the Emuflex shows the web page in a flat plane. The user will be able to zoom in or out and rotate the plane.
  2. Curved mode. Emuflex will emulate the effects of viewing the web page on a curved device - Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex are two instances of curved devices. The user will be able to zoom in or out, rotate the curved surface, and control the curvature.
  3. Sine wave mode. Emuflex will show the web page as if the web page was displayed on a sine wave. The picture below shows the effect that Emuflex is trying to mimic in this mode. The user will be able to zoom in or out, rotate the surface, and adjust the amplitude, frequency and offset of the sine wave.
  4. Flexible mode. The emulation in this mode is more dynamic. The user is able to change the shape of the display as they wish, by moving some control points. The user is able to zoom in or out, rotate the surface, and customize the shape of the surface. The surface is much more customizable than the previous three modes in order to emulate the effects such as below.

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