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Disrupt to Bullshit


Disrupt to Bullshit replaces various versions of the word 'disrupt' with various versions of the word 'bullshit,' in all websites.

It is inspired by the plugins Cloud To Butt and Cloud To Butt Plus.

Disrupt to Bullshit is not a commentary on any particular company or any particular theory of business cycles. (For both sides of the debate over the latter, see http://nyr.kr/1qTvSmd and http://buswk.co/1plFUv3.) Rather, Disrupt to Bullshit is offered for the entertainment of those who wish to install it in the privacy of their own browser, in the hope that they may be able to take full advantage of the comedic opportunities afforded to us all by the current over-saturation of the word 'disrupt.'


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