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What is GiveBuy?
A percentage of every purchase you make online will be donated to a major charity at no extra cost to you.

How it works
If it doesn’t cost the consumer anything, then who is donating? GiveBuy is. We’ve built relationships with large online retailers who automatically send us up to 10% of each purchase, which we forward onto pre-selected charities. You shop, retailers sell, charities receive. Everybody wins.

History / Creation
GiveBuy was founded in Austin, Texas by two brothers. Their mission was to create an organization that would give to registered charities through online shopping. Over time the original idea was transformed into a simple browser extension that automatically donates a percentage of each purchase to a major charitable organization

Popular Questions

Is GiveBuy free to download?
Yes, 100% free and we wont need any of your information for a basic download. In addition, we are currently working on a GiveBuy “Accounts” option that will give you the ability to track your personal donations and select which charity receives them. In the near future we will have If you choose to have an account with GiveBuy then we will simply need an email address to send you reports/monthly newsletter

How much is donated with each purchase I make?
That’s up to the retailer. In most cases it will be between 3% - 10% of your purchase. However in some cases it can be as high as 15%

How do I know that the retailer is actually donating this money?
That’s where GiveBuy comes in. Retailers automatically send us a percentage of each sale made online and we forward that percentage onto a pre-selected charity. You can sign up for GiveBuy’s newsletter. This newsletter is sent each month detailing how much was donated and where it went.

Does this mean I can “write-off” these donations on my taxes?
No, it doesn’t. The retailer is the one who is donating, not the consumer.

Can I stop using GiveBuy at any point?
Yes. If at any point you decide that you don’t want to use GiveBuy anymore you can easily remove it from your browser

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