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FreeLemonade: A Guide to Your Medical Condition


Who's it for?/What it is and isn't?

Feel free to try it before installing the extension; just go to www.freelemonade.com.

Search engines are effective, but they abandon users half the time, when the need is to explore something new, rather than search. Freelemonade is an exploration experience designed to provide support for those exploring a particular subject area.

The technology underlying Freelemonade challenges basic assumptions held by major search engines. We aim initially to help those with medical needs. Innovative technology differentiating Freelemonade is patent protected.

What is it? What does it do? (Try before you install at www.freelemonade.com)

* Helps with queries, shows what to put in the search box
* Finds guaranteed meaningful terms to add to your search
* Widens and narrows searches at the same time
* Finds query-relevant vocabulary user can click on-no typing
* Creates a table of contents for every search; a table of contents feature for the web
* Automatically finds the intro, overview, tutorial, and survey articles on your topic
* Creates vertical search engines automatically
* Speaks the lingo of the query-shows relevant vocabulary for every query
* Generates the on-line equivalent of a back of book index
* Generates buzzwords for any query


* Strategic software takes search to a new level
* A radical new paradigm for search - a game changer, quantum, not incremental innovation
* Turns the search space inside out and upside down widening and narrowing searches at once
* Ultra simple minimalist user interface: one button in a search engine, two in a browser extension
* Fundamental, powerful ideas make a difference

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