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Entropass is an open-source decentralized maximum-security password manager. It automatically generates passwords using an algorithm based on a master password, a private key file, and the domain of the current site so that you never have to store or remember your site passwords. This lets you have a unique password for every site that you visit without ever worrying about synchronizing or backing up a password database, which means that you don't have to trust and be tied to a cloud provider like LastPass or 1Password.

This concept is not new, but unlike previous applications, Entropass uses both a master password and a private key file instead of just a master password. While other systems can be cracked by brute-forcing the master password, Entropass is impossible to crack without the private key file that is stored only on your devices. In other words Entropass utilizes the "something you know, something you have" security policy, making it much more secure than purely password-based methods.

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