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i2Clipart - Royalty Free Cliparts


★ i2Clipart provides graphic designer, blogger, photo editor, content manager, and web users with a huge repository of Royalty Free Public Domain Vector Clipart Images.

★ All images are available for download in vector format (i.e., SVG) or high quality raster format (i.e., PNG) at predefined widths (64px, 128px, 256px, 512px).

★ i2Clipart enable you to search images by keywords or dominant color.

★ Since clipart images can be downloaded as PNG, you can use them to express your thoughts and emotions in Twitter and Facebook comments.

★ i2Clipart extension utilizes www.i2clipart.com

★ When you select an image, the extension will take you to i2Clipart.com to perform useful operations on the image such as download, edit, embed, convert, and report.

★ PNG images are available at several color variations to match your design.

★ Unlike other websites, i2Clipart is 100% Safe & Free!

★ i2Clipart is a product by sciweavers.org, an academic network for scientist & researchers.

★ Please ヽ(^o^)ノ spread the word and share with friends...


★ DISCLAIMER: To the best of our knowledge, all clipart images on i2Clipart.com are in public domain (PD). Images are collected from sources that place them in PD or are uploaded by our users in PD. With PD license, you can copy, modify, use personally or even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. To help us keep this add-on healthy, please report any image you may think it is copyrighted. Images are provided with absolutely no warranty. Use according to your country or jurisdiction.

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