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Auto Private


Seems that Firefox 52+ doesn't allows to toggle tab private state, so Auto Private fails.

If the private URL that you want to open is a link, just open it in a new tab, this will work. But if you want to type the URL in a non private tab, Auto Private will always fail.

I suggest you to install Private Tab extension and open a new private tab (Ctrl + Alt + P for me) in these cases.

At the moment I have no knowledge to fix this issue.


Works better┬╣ if you also use Private Tab.

There are two blacklists: per-domain and per-pattern.

To blacklist domains:
Open about:config page, find extensions.autoprivate.domains and edit it, separating domains by semicolons without blank spaces.
Example: translate.google.com;addons.mozilla.org;www.facebook.com
Example results:
https://translate.google.com/ -> private tab
https://www.google.com/ -> normal tab
https://translate.google.com.br/ -> normal tab
https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-BR/firefox/extensions/ -> private tab
https://www.facebook.com/messages/ -> private tab

To blacklist patterns:
Open about:config, find extensions.autoprivate.parts and edit it, separating patterns by semicolons without blank spaces. The patterns can have a "wildcard" asterisk (*), which matches any string including the empty string.
Example: *reddit.com/over18*;http://www.example.com/specificpage.htm
Example results:
http://www.reddit.com/over18?dest=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2F... -> private tab
http://www.example.com/specificpage.htm -> private tab
http://www.example.com/specificpage.htm?foo=bar -> normal tab
http://www.example.com/anotherpage.htm -> normal tab
http://www.example.com/ -> normal tab

1. To add all sub-domains of a site, add a dot "." before the domain.
Example: if you add .google.com to the list of domains, all the following URLs will open in private tabs:

2. To add all top-level domains, use the sufix ".tld".
Example: if you add www.google.tld to the list of domains, all the following URLs will open in private tabs:

3. To block multiple similar URLs you can use the OR operator represented by the "|" character, grouping all with brackets. This is only valid on the list of patterns.
Example: if you add https://twitter.com/(BarackObama|billclinton|GeorgeHWBush)* to the list of patterns, all the following URLs will open in private tabs:

┬╣: If you use Private Tab, new tabs created by clicking a link inherit the private state even if the link isn't blacklisted.

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