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Firefile is a Firebug extension that allows you to save the CSS files edited with firebug live to your web server by transfering it to a server- side script, which then handles css saving.
FireFile remembers all modifications done to a website (all modified css rules) and allows you to save them directly to your (local or remote) web server, which means that the changes will be publically applied.

IMPORTANT: Please always back-up your css- files, and don't use this extension in a productive environment

Please click through the screenshots for an installation guide

How FireFile works (also see screenshots)
  1. A server-side php script (one file) get's uploaded to your webserver

  2. Opening the script with your browser links FireFile with the remote script

  3. From now on, FireFile remembers CSS- Changes while you work with Firebug

  4. Thenever you click on "save changes" (blue up arrow), FireFile sends the modified CSS- Sheet to your webserver by communicating with the server- side script firefile.php, which consequently updates your stylesheet on your server

  5. To verify the remote saving, just reload the page. The changes are now live... neat!

Download files:


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