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The World-Wide Web is an essential element of everyday life. Most of us think of the Web as a source of new information or buying things, but a third of our activity involves revisiting webpages that we've looked at before (thousands of them every year!). Sometimes it’s easy to revisit a page because we can remember its address or how we Googled it, but on other occasions we might search for ages and still fail to find what we’re looking for. This is particularly true for pages that we visit infrequently – pages that we didn't anticipate wanting again.
Developed as a Firefox add-on, MyWebSteps makes it easy to revisit these elusive pages, by letting you filter, search and browse a rich visual history of your own Web activity. NOTE THAT YOUR WEB HISTORY IS STORED LOCALLY ON YOUR COMPUTER AND NO ONE CAN ACCESS IT. Please read more at: https://mywebsteps.wordpress.com/user-manual/#Logfiles

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