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Spoiler Spoiler


Protecting fans who record the football.

Why you need it?
With the matches on in Brazil, a lot of us will be recording the overnight games to watch when we’re awake. But what about spoilers lurking all over the internet? Spoiler Spoiler is the Official Spoiler Blocker 2014, protecting you from football spoilers.

How it works
Spoiler Spoiler is optimised to this year’s tournament. Simply install it to your browser, and it will scan every website for countries, team names, and football terms. It will then block these, so you can browse the net spoiler free.

Support your country
You can even select your country’s colours to appear on top of spoilers. So now you can block spoilers and support your team at the same time!

Stay safe
Spoiler Spoiler only works on your desktop browser. It doesn’t work on mobile, so be careful.

Brought to you by Fetch TV
Record overnight games to watch when you’re awake.

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Find out more: http://www.fetchtv.com.au
Stay updated: http://www.facebook.com/fetchTV

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