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Blockulicious adds a level of powerful security and non-intrusive to your browsing experience.

Blockulicious is an extension for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox can block websites with risks for your computer and your privacy. In fact, many websites (legal and illegal) freely available on the Internet offer malicious content, inappropriate, prohibited or harmful to productivity. Access to malicious sites can result in the installation of malicious code to the user's knowledge.

---------------- Blockulicious Premium ----------------

Blockulicious Premium is the most complete version currently available with advanced features to best protect your computer. However, the development of Blockulicious takes time and a lot of energy developers to CRDF France and even in the laboratory to protect yourself before anyone else against the security risks of tomorrow. Blockulicious proved in tests its formidable efficiency rate that is comparable to other products in the same range.

The Premium version of Blockulicious used to finance part of the cost of development and maintenance of this service. The goal is to provide users who want a premium version containing non-negligible benefits to better protect you.



Blockulicious is a free service that checks each address visited in your browser by blocking access to websites known to be malicious. Moreover, even Blockulicious blocks malware connecting to your knowledge harmful websites. Thus, the malicious software on your computer becomes ineffective because it is not able to communicate through the Internet and / or browser.

Unlike other products, Blockulicious protects against security risks associated with adware (PUP, French unwanted software) that automatically install on your computer without your knowledge. Blockulicious also blocks websites deemed before most products on the market. Test Blockulicious and adopt it now!

For your safety, Blockulicious blocks:

* Malicious sites containing malicious software (viruses, malware, adware, ...)
* Phishing
* Dangerous websites for your privacy
* The exploits (vulnerabilities in software to insert malicious code that can infect your computer)
* Also block advertisements (customizable parameter in the extension configuration)

* CRDF AV Cloud Scanner :

CRDF Cloud AV Scanner is integrated into Blockulicious to protect against malicious files that you can download for internet browsing. Each of your downloads will be analyzed by several antivirus products to determine if the downloaded file is infected with malicious.

* Ad Blocking and prevention of attacks malvertising

Blockulicious integrates a database that allows it to block ads and prevent attacks against malvertising. Indeed, some advertising agencies spread malicious websites to infect user navigating on official websites and known to be safe.

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For any question, request, suggestion or support, thank you kindly send us an email request [AT] crdf.fr.


If you leave a comment on the extension, thank you for a constructive minimum. As a reminder, this extension is free and effective. We have invested a lot of energy to offer such a service, thank you to respect the work done for free.


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