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Giant Bomb Season Pass


Giant Bomb Season Pass will detect whether the video you're watching is split up into parts (e.g. VinnyVania Part 2 or E3 2011 Day 2) and automatically bring the other parts or "Episodes" over to you in a sidebar that's integrated right into the video player. Perfect for stitching together Endurance Runs, 24-Hour Extra Life streams, GDC chats with a side of Buckfast, PAX panels, and of course it's safe for the occasional multi-part Puppy Chat.

v1.62 features beta support for other series like Unfinished, Spookin' With Scoops, Unprofessional Fridays, etc. More support and tweaks will be added soon.

It'll also accommodate for size depending on whether you've Embiggened or not, showing or hiding the episode descriptions.

I would love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or issues you encounter if you happen to give it a shot. Hope you like it. Thanks.

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