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Persian transliteration


• Don't you have a Persian keyboard while you have to write something in Persian alphabet?
• Do you want to read Tajiki texts and don't know Cyrillic alphabet?
• Do you often forget to change the keyboard layout and start typing on the wrong layout?
• Do you want to convert Persian texts written in “Alefbā-ye 2om” conventions to something in “Nowdabira”, or vice versa?
This add-on will help you to overcome these problems.
See it in action here and there.

The version 0.2+ helps transliterating Persian texts in different modes:

(1) Transliteration:
Convert some unique combinations of characters to Persian equivalents; for example “farsy” to “فارسی”.

(2) Persian keyboard:
Useful when you don't have Persian layout on the device but know the Persian layout, or when you just forget to change the layout and start typing on the wrong layout; for example “thvsd” to “فارسی” or, vice versa, “‏ٍدلمهسا” to “English” – based on Standard Persian Keyboard Layout, ISIRI 9147.

(3) Tajiki → Nowdabira:
Converts Tajiki Cyrillic letters to Latin-based Nowdabira conventions and change vowels in some extent closer to Iranian Persian pronunciations; for example “тоҷикӣ” to “tâjiki”.
Nowdabira to Tajiki conversion won't be so good.

(4) Penglish ↔ Nowdabira:
Converts Finglish/Penglish (Persian written in English alphabet) to something in Nowdabira conventions (new Latin-based script for Persian); for example “negaaresh” to “negâreŝ” and vice versa.

(5) Alefbā-ye 2om ↔ Nowdabira:
Converts texts written in Alefbā-ye 2om conventions into something in Nowdabira; for example “negāreš” to “negâreŝ” and vice versa.

This is based on the great add-on Transliterator.

Download files:


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