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Modifies OkCupid to show indicators for profiles YOU'VE visited, anywhere profile links are shown. Know the last time you visited them!

This extension mines your browser history to cross-check any profile links currently on the page to determine whether you visited these profiles. If you have, an eye icon is displayed in the upper right corner (roughly) of the profile image. Hovering over the image will show the precise last visit time.

IMPORTANT: In Firefox preferences you MUST allow browsing history. You MUST NOT check 'Clear history when Firefox closes'. =)

NOTE: 1) Firefox may clean the history ANY TIME, this cannot be disabled. Although the history is kept around for at least a few months in my experience, it will not be indefinite. Hopefully though, you will not be using it for years straight! :D 2) The extension only finds your browsing information on your current computer. It cannot determine your profile browsing from the mobile app, or other computers you use.

Like this? Say hi to me at http://www.okcupid.com/profile/iluvazkaban =)

Notice: digital artwork in this extension comes from the "Free Game Icons" by Aha Soft, (c) Aha-Soft https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/128442/eye_look_retina_see_view_visible_watch_zoom_icon, and has been modified to be of suitable size for this extension.

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