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Webcompat.com Reporter


The webcompat.com reporter extension adds a button which allows users to report issues with any site on the web.

Sometimes, sites have bugs or policies that prevent them from working well in every browser. The community at webcompat.com works to help web developers and site owners identify and fix such issues.

If something appears broken, but works in another browser, or if a site or app insists you install another browser this is likely a web compatibility issue that you can report with this add-on.

Privacy Information

Firefox Add-On

If you want to report a specific webpage, click on the extension and Firefox will open a new tab to report the issue to webcompat.com. Other than the information in your public report (see below), no other information is collected.

About Us

Webcompat.com allows you to report web compatibility issues though a simple webform. Volunteers view the reports, identify solutions, and share the reports and solutions with the website admins. For more details see our About page.

Public Reports

All reports are publicly accessible. Please do not include any confidential or personal information in the content of your report.

The User Agent HTTP header that your browser sends will be recorded in the bug report, if you choose to report a bug, but is hidden by default.

Reporting Anonymously

If you choose the anonymous option, the only information that we’ll receive is the content of your report.

Reporting via GitHub

If you choose the GitHub option, webcompat.com will receive your GitHub username and avatar. You can revoke our access to this information at any time from the "Applications" section of your profile page.

Cookies & Analytics

If you log into our site using your GitHub user account, webcompat.com will use cookies to record your session information. The cookie will expire when the session ends, i.e., when you click "logout".

Webcompat.com also uses Google Analytics to track usage statistics.

Contact Us

You can find us on Twitter (@webcompat) or on the public mailing list [email protected] (which is archived on Google Groups). These are public forums, so please minimize any personal information you choose to share.

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