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Nimble Smart Contacts


Here are all the benefits of the new Nimble Smart Contacts App:

Connect Intelligently Everywhere You Work – Nimble is the first CRM that works wherever you’re engaging customers. The Smart Contacts App provides the context you need to connect intelligently and take action from any social site or business app.

Live Profiles on People and Companies - Nimble finds instant insights on people or companies and builds live profiles on the fly: simply hover to discover and click to connect. It delivers essential contact details including who people are, where they work, where they are from and company details like number of company employees, year founded, revenue, industry, CEO details, location, social profiles, contact info and more.

One-Click Import and Updates – Nimble knows if you’re in Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or even a Forbes article, and pulls details from emails and web pages with one click to create and enrich contact records.

Match Social Profiles Automatically – The Smart Contacts App saves you time by suggesting additional social profiles for your contacts and companies, making it easy to add new profiles from Twitter, AngelList, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram and more.

Intelligent Up-To-Date Relationship Insights – Nimble links social profile details for all of your contacts and companies and keeps them up to date. It then downloads relationship insights from dozens of sources around the web, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, AngelList, Instagram and Foursquare. Nimble is the first CRM that updates itself with the details you need: company name, title, location, experience, education, shared relationships, mutual interests and more.

Effortlessly Update, Organize and Take Action – Organize your contacts with tags, log notes about the people you meet and schedule tasks to follow up at a later date.

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