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Javascript Command


For writing/testing javascript on Firefox windows (extension development, etc), web pages, and bookmarklets.

Javascript Command - On browser's Tools menu toggles
- Javascript Command pane on browser window.

Evaluate - Run this script against this browser window
Window - Evaluate against window of choice
Page - Evaluate against current page in tab/window
Link - Evaluate a javascript link/bookmarklet against
- current page in tab/window
Edit - Menu Button:
- Properties - Get properties of object. Double click
- - chooses current browser window, or choose window
- - from sub-menu. Enter text at prompt or use selected
- - text in input box, or propeties result with last
- - selection for futher result. Resulsts include
- - properties added by extensions.
- Indent - Indents selection.
- Un Indent - Un Indents selection.
- Break - Add line breaks in selection at { } and ; to
- - break up single line script so it's easier to read.
- - Note: it will break variables of string containing
- - { } or ;
- Un Break - Remove all line breaks in selection.
- Encode - Encodes selection UTF-8.
- Decode - Decodes selection UTF-8.
- Wrap - Encodes script and wraps it in annonymous function
- - and javascript: protocol to create link/bookmarklet.
- - javascript:(function(){/*encoded script here*/})();
- Un Wrap - Decodes script and removes annonymous function
- - and javascript: protocol from around script. May not
- - work with all links. See Wrap above.
+ - Indent selected text.
- - UnIndent selected text.
// - Comment or UnComment selected text.
? - Javascript Command Help. This help window.
Alerts - Toggle that removes // of commented alert
- - functions while evaluating script.
Console - Normal (left) click toggles Error Console
- display below Javascript Command input field, Other
- click opens Error Console in seperate window.
Close - Close Javascript Command

dump() - Dumps message or value to error console.

Value of script is also returned automatically
May work on newer FF versions if you change the maxVersion in install.rdf (or use Nightly Tester Tools to force).

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