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Intercept YouTube Links


For some stupid reason YouTube automatically plays videos on the watch page. This makes it basically unusable to me, because I want to browse YouTube and open many videos in tabs and then watch one tab after the other (or let it open in the browser session for some days before I close it again).

Up until now I could force YouTube to use the flash plugin (by sending an old Safari user agent string) and then I used the click-to-play functionallity of Chrome/Firefox to stop flash from automatically playing. But this does not work anymore, and neither did all the "disable YouTube autoplay" add-ons/extensions.

So I wrote this simple add-on that simply replaces all links to YouTube watch pages with a link to a "hop-page" that provides the real link (and a video thumbnail).

However, you will only get to the hop-page if you open the link in a new tab or window (via middle-click/context menu/D'n'D). Otherwise the normal watch page will still load so your normal YouTube browsing will not be disturbed (note: it will break YouTubes fancy dynamic page loading, which cause more troubles than good for me anyway, and revert to plain old page instead).

The source can be found on GitHub. There is also a Chrome and user script version of this add-on.

Download files:


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