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Secretly Meet - secret messages


Use Secretly Meet to make sure to have a secured, private exchange of data. Secretly Meet app puts in contact two people quickly in a safe way, without leaving any tracks about the exchanged information (text, links, videos, photos and more). When the user closes the app, all the content is wiped out.

Secretly Meet allows you to create a short-lived mobile meeting room where all the content lives within your browser. Our server is used to perform the initial handshake between your pc and the server, after this phase the pc serves all the content shared in peer-to-peer way so you are sure that your exchange of information is 100% secure and private.

Secretly Meet is perfect for both work and fun purposes, allowing business partners, customers and even friends to exchange information without worrying about prying eyes. Create a safe environment to quickly communicate the information you need to share, do it now!

What you can do with this app?

* create a temporary virtual room that self-destructs after use
* make a chat
* publish photos from webcam
* publish photos that you have stored in memory
* post links from sites or videos
* streaming mp3 or mp4 files from urls
* delete everything quickly

Click “Start”. This generate a unique URL for you. Share this URL with others with whom you want to have a secret and secure conversation. The website does not asks you to register, or provide any other information about yourself.

Download files:


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