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This add-on (SEVI for short) is designed to improve the experience of viewing stand-alone images (as opposed to images which are embedded in web pages). In particular, the main features that it provides are a choice of background color (optionally with a noise or checkerboard pattern), and allowing for zooming and rotating images by any arbitrary amount. There is also an in-window information display available, in case the title bar is not visible.

When SEVI's zoom mode is enabled, the methods of manipulating the image display include using the keyboard (type h to see a list of all the key bindings), picking commands from the context menu, clicking (to toggle between natural and fit-to-window zoom levels), double-clicking (to remove rotations and reflections), clicking and dragging (to zoom such that the selected area will fill the window), and double-clicking and dragging (to rotate and zoom based on the distance and angle the mouse moves from its starting point and the window center). (Since double-click and drag can be difficult on some touchpads, that last command can also be accessed by dragging during a single-click while holding the control or alt key, or during a triple-click.) If you want to drag (and drop) the image itself, hold shift while clicking and dragging.

Compatibility note: due to the nature of this add-on, it is likely to be incompatible with other add-ons that also alter the display of stand-alone images.

Known issues:
  1. Does not work well with multiprocess Firefox (Electrolysis). There is an about:config option intended to help with this, namely extensions.slightlyenhancedviewimage.frame-script-mode, but that code seemed to cause crashes in some versions of Firefox (so it is disabled by default), and as of 53.0a seems to be completely non-functional. I hope to eventually make a WebExtension version of the add-on, but so far haven't made much progress.
  2. Versions prior to 0.9.13 did not work in Firefox 44.
  3. It refuses to run in Firefox 36, since doing otherwise caused crashes.
  4. Several things (the key bindings, for example) are not customizable or can only be customized via undocumented preferences in about:config (under the extensions.slightlyenhancedviewimage. branch).
  5. Updates to the display may sometimes be slow and choppy, especially while rotating. Version 0.9.3 hopefully improves performance.
Reports of other problems and/or feature requests are welcome.

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