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Do you love to profile things? Do you love to make profiles? Well that makes you a Profilist. This addon is for you.

Thanks to Evacci for this awesome add-on which allows Mac OS X users to label their profiles in the dock: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/custom-badge/

Compatibility for Portable Firefox
This release here will not work on portable versions of Firefox. There is a seperate release for portable, it is located here: ProfilistPortable

Australis came and it didn't have a beautiful Profile Manager. Right when I opened the panel I thought it would be so beautiful to show right above the footer what profile you're in. It made sense as right below it, is what account the profile is synced to, and a "?" button that gives you infromation on the profile installation.

I hope one day to discontinue this addon because Mozilla adapts it officially, and of course improve upon it, like prettier CSS and images. Read more about the inspiration behind Profilist at the Profilist Developer Page


Future Plans
There are some improvements I plan to implement. Find out about the details at the Profilist Development Page.

Stephen Hutchings for Icons

Notes for Nerds
Design with browser performance in mind, using the latest technologies from the Mozilla team, this addon is fully asynchronous. The only synchronous part is where I lock profile paths to test if it is in use, I will update this to the async method when it becomes available. Thus the addon does not rely on nsIToolkitProfileService, it uses OS.File.

Bug Reports
Feel free to leave bug reports in the feedback/reviews section. You can also submit them at the Profilist bug tracking support system at GitHub.

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