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SiaC - Share-in-a-Click


SiaC is a light-weight utility which spares you the fuss when you want to share links, as you surf, with your friends.
It will send the current website address to the friends you select from your list - to their mail address or to their browser sidebar (if they also installed SiaC) - in a single click of a button.

1. Surf the internet, encounter a website you'd want to share
2. Click on the dedicated "Share" toolbar button
3. Optionally, select friends from you friends list and/or add a personal message
That's it. The link will find it's way to your friends' mailbox or sidebar.

* Manage you friends list, personal details and settings - all from the extension itself
* Quick share button - share link with all your friends
* Extended Share button - share link with selected friends and pre-defined groups, and add a personal comment
* See links sent with you, with previews and comments, in your sidebar
* Unique "Community hotlist" feature: see in your sidebar what is popular right now in the Siac community - stay in touch with what's currently happening! (Note: the feature is activated once your social circle is active enough)
* Control how often emails of your links are sent to your friends - thus avoid bombarding them with frequent emails if your are a "heavy sharer"
* Your privacy is guaranteed. We hate spamming just as you do, and it is all stated clearly in the privacy policy.

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