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This extension is an aid to colorblind people. It is developed for color-blinds, to help them while browsing by processing web pages so that they can recognize information. And to create awareness among people, as many are unaware of there color-blindness 'color blindness detection test' is included.

Protanopia, Duteranopia, Tritanopia, Rod monochromacy, and corresponding anomalies handled.
Color-blindness detection test provided in software sets filter preferences. For more precision user can set filter type and level. And other features like auto page filtering, text filter, image enhancements (noise reduction and sharpening) are also provided.
Localization support for English, French, Hindi, Marathi, and Chinese provided.
This extension uses new technology JAI (Java Advance Imaging) for image processing.

Software Requirements:
This Add-on requires following softwares (install these softwares before using extension):

Page contents like Flash/Flex objects, Applets, media players etc. can’t be filtered, it is out of scope.
Only elements(images and text) accessed by DOM are processed.

Download files:


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