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Balatarin Companion


The extension adds a button to the status bar (with a right-click menu to control features of the extension), which is changed according to the current page. Moreover, it adds a toolbar button as well as a context menu.

* If the current page is already posted to Balatarin, it shows "به لینک رای دهید," with a normal Balatarin icon and links to the link page in Balatarin where you can vote or comment for the link;
* If it is new, it changes to a gray icon with the text "به بالاترین بفرستید" and links to the submit page and autofills URL and Title fields; and
* If the current page is one of the Balatarin-website pages (except blog and wiki), it says "لینک غیر مجاز" and its icon changes to a stop sign.

While communicating with Balatarin, it shows a spinner with "تماس با بالاترین."

The default Balatarin domain used is http://balatarin.com. You can change it through the options dialog box (Tools | Add-ons | Balatarin Companion). Also, if you want to save space on the status bar, you can turn icons or the text off.

Also, you can choose to open the Balatarin page in a new background tab, a new focused tab, or the current tab.

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