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The add-on allows user to configure their own list of most frequently visited websites, No more hassles to search for your favorite website in history or bookmarks.

Key Features :

The addon can be launched in 2 ways -

For information on "How to configure my own list of most frequently websites", take a look at the images and follow the steps.

How to User Configure QuickLinks v3.0
Step - 1 :
Launch QuickLinks either using Keyboard shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + U) or from the widget. Select (click) the desired category to user configure QuickLinks. For example - Selecting 'Sports' category (see screenshots)

Step - 2 :
Click QuickLinks logo (arrow pointing up) in the popup. The logo background should change to white indicating your selection. Select the QuickLink to configure.

Step - 3 :
Click on the text that you want to configure. For example - Here we are configuring ESPN QuickLink in place of default qlink1 (see screenshots)

Step - 4 :
Enter the text and URL details for your custom QuickLink and Click on "Go" button

Step - 5 :
The QuickLink is changed to your custom text and URL, the new QuickLink opens in a separate tab. The user configuration is persistent across multiple browser sessions.

For any comments/suggestions/issues, drop a mail to : [email protected]

Download files:


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