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BrowseLikeALocal is a service that lets you connect to other websites as if you were connecting from their country, i.e. it let's you browse like a local. For example, if you visit a US site from the point of view that website your connection will come from the US, if ou visit a site from UK then that site will see your connection as if it came from the UK and so on. Everything works automatically, you don't even need to switch countries manually.

Using our tecnology you can:
- Access geo-blocked sites that usually aren't available to you (for example netflix requires that you are in the US, the BBC requires that you are in the UK for most of its content, etc)
- Stream directly from geo-blocked sites (we don't capture, record or broadcast anything and we don't provide any content - you would be getting everything from the source)
- Browse privately (your IP won't be available to the websites you visit)
- Keep track of the most interesting events: We have a schedule of geoblocked events (tennis, football) available each week, in case you don't have anything in mind.
- If you are a website developer, you can test your site as if the visits came from different countries.

How it works:
- We provide you a browser plugin to enable browselikealocal access. This plugin automatically uses a server in the right country for the website you want to visit. You don't have to do anything. In fact, you can even have contents from different countries simultaneously loaded in tabs. The plugin is currently available for the test versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium.
- We currently offer local coverage for these cuontries: France, Spain, UK, USA, Italy, Finland, Belgium, and Germany. More countries will be added very soon.
- We have rules to select the correct server for each website. You can either use our rules or override them and define your own (for example if you visit CNN browsing as a UK local you will get a specific UK version)

Our commitment:
- High availability and performance at an affordable price.
- Excellent customer service, always ready to assist with questions and any possible issue.
- Permanent service upgrades - always adding more countries, more devices, more tested websites.

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