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Block Sneaky Redirects


Lot of people do not know that some of the links they want click not necessarily takes them to intended site immediately. The links will first take you to say google.com, outbrain.com etc before being forwarded to the actual site. There are 3 major cons to this.
1. Privacy - what you browse is recorded and can be sold to god knows who.
2. Performance - Not going directly to actual site will always be slow. Not to mention if those redirected sites are down you may be never see the site you wanted to browse.
3. Security - whats stopping these companies to read your cookies and personal data.

Pros? Never for us !!. May be some people enjoy targeted ads.

I started this tools for myself. But after giving to my friends I thought this would be helpful to anybody.
This is not my full time job, but I will keep updating as and when I come across such sneaky redirects.

Thank you.

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