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Places to CSV


"Places to CSV" (P2C)
- Inspired by "History Export" which was removed as an available Add-on.
- This P2C version is based upon XUL and XPCOM which Mozilla will declare deprecated some time in the future.

- This "Legacy Version" of P2C will work with Firefox 9 to 46.0.1.
- "Places to CSV (SDK)" is intended as a successor and based upon the Add-on SDK. It does work beginning with Firefox version 39.
- https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/places-to-csv-sdk

With P2C you can

- Export your history and/or bookmarks data as CSV files.
- Search your bookmarks for specific patterns.
- Add headlines (field names) to your CSV files.
- Include timestamps as number values and/or human readable datetime values.
- Automatically replace missing values in CSV files; used to avoid overlapping cells in spreadsheet programs.
- Select the precise output format of your CSV files.
- Automatically zip-compress your output files.
- Prefix your output files with the current date.
- Automatically open the files or just the output folder when the export is done.

You can use P2C to assist you in editing your bookmarks: Limit the export of your bookmarks to location, name and tags. Then select to open the output files when done. This way you can use your spreadsheet program to locate where specific tags are in use.

Your first steps after downloading P2C should be:

- Add P2C to your toolbar; it does not add menu items.
- Open the options dialog by right-clicking on the toolbar button and take a brief look at the preset settings.
- After that left-click on the toolbar button to do your first export.

Additional Information

P2C is supposed to be an export-only tool.
- Your places database will be left as is; i.e. P2C will not change anything.
- You won't be able to export your bookmarks, edit them and re-import your changes.
- I did think about adding statistical information but decided against it; this would go beyond the scope of this extension. Please use the scripting capability of your spreadsheet program to analyse your data.

P2C will write data only to your output folder.
- At no point will P2C send any data to any other place!

Known issues
- From time to time the toolbar button won't react. Unfortunately, I never found out what the problem is. Restart Firefox and it will work.
- Beginning with Firefox version 39, keywords are now linked to URLs, no longer to bookmark items. Please use the SDK version if you use Firefox 39 or later.

Download files:


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